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Las Vegas Marriage License: Your Guide to Saying "I Do" in Las Vegas

Getting married in Las Vegas? Our guide provides everything you need to know about obtaining a Las Vegas marriage license, simplifying the process for your dream wedding or elopement.

No Blood Test Required

Unlike some states, Nevada does not require a blood test, making the process quicker and more convenient.

No Waiting Period

One of the biggest advantages of getting married in Nevada is the absence of any waiting period. You can apply for and receive your same day marriage certificate in Las Vegas which is perfect for those spontaneous, romantic elopements.

Simple Application Process

The application process is designed to be simple and user-friendly. Couples can fill out a pre-application online, which speeds up the process when you arrive at the Marriage License Bureau.
Pre-Apply Online (Optional)

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Your Marriage License in Las Vegas

  • Online Pre-Application: Begin by filling out a pre-application form available on the Clark County website. This saves time when you visit the Nevada Marriage License Bureau.
    Pre-Apply Online (Optional)
  • Visiting the Bureau: Located at 201 E. Clark Avenue, the bureau is open daily from 8 AM to midnight. The process is usually quick, with little to no wait time if you've pre-applied online.
  • Fees: As of now, the marriage certificate fee in Las Vegas is $102, payable by credit card, cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

**Important Note:** After the ceremony, your officiant will file the paperwork and provide you with a copy of your marriage license. Certified copies can be ordered online for legal purposes.

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Nevada Apostille (For Foreign Use)

Need your marriage license recognized abroad? Learn more about obtaining a Nevada Apostille.

View Nevada Apostille Info

Eligibility Criteria For A Marriage License in Las Vegas

When planning to get married in Las Vegas, it's essential to understand who is eligible to obtain a marriage certificate. Here are the key eligibility criteria to keep in mind to ensure you can legally tie the knot in the vibrant city of Las Vegas:

Age Requirement

Individuals must be at least 18 years old to apply for a marriage certificate without parental consent. For individuals aged 16 or 17, parental consent or a court order is required.

Proof of Identity

Both parties must present valid identification to prove their age and identity. This can be a driver's license, passport, or other government-issued ID that includes a photo and date of birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to apply for a marriage license in Las Vegas?

    To apply for a marriage license in Las Vegas, you will need a valid government-issued photo ID and, if applicable, your divorce decree.

  • Is a Las Vegas marriage valid in other states and countries?

    Yes, a marriage in Las Vegas is legally recognized in other states and countries, but check with your local jurisdiction if you should have any questions.

  • Do we need witnesses to obtain a marriage?

    Witnesses are not required to obtain a marriage license, but you will need at least one to sign your marriage certificate. We provide one FREE of Charge.

  • Can I apply for a Nevada marriage license online?

    Yes, you can start the application process for a Nevada marriage license online, which speeds up the process when you visit the bureau.

  • Can same-sex couples obtain a Nevada marriage certificate?

    Yes, same-sex marriage is legal in Nevada, and couples can obtain a marriage certificate regardless of gender.

  • Can I get married the same day the license is issued to us in Las Vegas?

    Yes, you may obtain a marriage license and be married the same day in Las Vegas.

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