Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding

Take off from the Las Vegas Strip

Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding Details

Photos and Video INCLUDED!
Fly over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and More on your way to Valley of Fire State Park.
Experience the ultimate Las Vegas Wedding with a helicopter ceremony at Valley of Fire State Park. Our website offers an exclusive Valley of Fire helicopter wedding package, including breathtaking scenic flight over the park, intimate wedding ceremony on the ground, and champagne toasts with stunning red rock views. Our experienced wedding planners will work with you to customize every detail of your special day, from the flowers to the photography. Exchange vows in a stunning natural setting and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.
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Package Includes

$300 deposit
$3,699 balance (paid 2 weeks prior)
$4,999 total (7 days/wk)

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  • ONLY accessible via Helicopter
  • Land on a private peak at Valley of Fire State Park
  • Officiant donation included
  • Photographer's tip included
  • Luxury Transportation to/from your hotel
  • Professional Video of Ceremony
  • OVER 200 Digital Photos on Average Will be taken by our Wedding Photographer
  • 12 Rose Bridal Bouquet w/matching boutonniere
  • Complementary Champagne, Bottled Water
  • Your Wedding Photos will include candid and posed shots (group shots, family/friends)
  • Wedding Photo/Video Download Link Provided
  • 2 Open Seats for guests, Officiant/Photographer fly with you
  • Large individual bucket seats for the most comfortable flight
  • Fly over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, LV Strip, Bowl of Fire and More
  • Our Sunset Weddings come with NO additional charge!
  • We allow guests to take video and photos with their smartphone

Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding Video Play Video

Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding

  • When you arrive at the helicopter pad our staff will greet you and get to know a little about you.
  • We will change your date FREE of Charge, We understand that issues may arise
  • We suggest wearing soft soled shoes for ease of walking on the desert terrain. You can change into heels for photo purposes.
  • You may Write Your Own Wedding Vows
  • Your choice of civil or religious ceremony
  • You must obtain your Marriage License here in Las Vegas prior to your wedding
  • Our officiant will sign and file your marriage certificate with the Clerks Office. The officiant will also go over these details with you the day of your wedding.
  • Duration: Please allow Approximately 4 hours from pick-up until being returned to your hotel

Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding

  • Helicopter Top speed: 180 mph
  • Helicopter Range: 411 miles Approximately
  • Helicopter Cost: $2.4 Million Approximately
  • Amazing Aerial Views
  • Forward-Facing Seats
  • Voice Activated Headsets
  • Do Not be misled by other's smaller helicopters

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Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding

Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding

Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding

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